Worldline / Bambora instructions

Bambora is part of the Worldline company - the instructions will refer to Worldline in this context

1. Worldline and Vektori application

Vektori Kassa is connected to Worldline payment terminals based on the IP address, which can be found in the payment terminal. This is specific to the payment terminal - below are instructions for checking the IP address for ingenico Move/5000 and Lane/3000 payment terminals.

Customer terminal password: payment terminals always have a terminal-specific password that the merchant can see from the Worldline reports -reporting service. So the merchant logs in there with the provided credentials and can view the password: -> Settings -> Payment terminals -> Passwords

NOTE! The Android cash register device (tablet/phone) and the payment terminal must be on the same network. The payment terminal must be connected to WiFi in order to see the IP address from the terminal.

1.1. How to add Worldline payment terminal to Vektori

Vektori -sovelluksessa, jos sinulla on jo IP-osoite tiedossa (kuvat ohessa vaiheittain),
mene Toiminnot->Asetukset->Maksupääte -välilehdelle,