Vektori Printer, Cash Drawer & Barcode Scanner Guide

Time to get connected to some devices you might find useful

Star mPOP printer and cash drawer- besides it are Star mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 printers.

1. Star mPOP printer/cash drawer, Star mC-Print2 and mC-Print3 compatibility

Apple devices 5 / 5.

Android devices 4 / 5.

2. Connection type

2.1. mPOP

  • Bluetooth.

  • USB (charging only).

2.2. Star mC-Print2 and mC-Print3

  • Bluetooth.

  • USB (charging only).

  • Ethernet.

3. Installation

Unpack and follow the instructions to see if the receipt roll is in place, if not install it according those instructions.

4. Deployment

4.1. mPOP printer/cash drawer

Connect the power cord to the connector on the bottom of the device. You can route the wires to either side using the wire channels at the bottom of it.

The device can also act as a power source for the tablet. Connect the USB cable to the tablet to the USB connector labeled Tablet 1.5A on the bottom.

Plug in the power cord and click the white power switch at the bottom left of the device. Check that the blue light on it lights up.

Install the cradle that comes with mPOP on top of it, place the tablet in the cradle, and connect the USB charging cable you connected to mPOP to your tablet.

4.2. Star mC-Print2 or mC-Print3

4.2.1. Unpack the machine and install the receipt roller in the receipt roller according to the instructions that came with it.

4.2.2. Connect the power cord to the receipt printer and turn on the power.

4.2.3. Make a Bluetooth pairing between either the Apple or Android device and the receipt printer, see chapter five(5).

4.2.4. Enable the receipt printer in the Vektori application, see chapter six(6).

4.2.5. (Optional) If necessary, update the receipt printer software (firmware), see chapter seven(7).

4.2.6.(Optional) To connect the barcode scanner(/barcode reader) to the receipt printer, see section nine(9).

4.2.7. Making sales using a barcode scanner, see chapter 10.

4.3. Introduction of the Star CB2002 cash drawer

The cash drawer is more traditional, just a cash drawer, it has 4 tongued compartments for bills and 8 compartments for coins.

  • The cash drawer in question is connected to the receipt printer(via RJ11 connector). When the receipt is printed, it opens.

  • In other cases, the cash drawer can also be opened with a key.

You can now go, for example, to our Deployment guide or to Vektori User Guide.

5. Pairing a Bluetooth device (Android)

5.1. Go to Settings.

5.2. Choose Connected devices.

5.3. Select Connection preferences.

5.4. From Connection preferences click Bluetooth and make sure it is on and then tap on Pair new device.

5.5. Search for the device and pair it (for example Star mPOP-XXXXX or mC-Print2-XXXXX).

5.6. Finally Connected devices shows your device when the pairing is done.

NOTE! Pair the cash drawer / printer with only one device(be it phone, tablet etc.).

6. Vektori app, mPOP or mC-Print2/3

Connecting receipt printer built into mPOP or only a printer into the Vektori application:

Select Actions (in the phone version, the upper right corner, the gear/cogwheel icon) -> Settings.

  • Go to Printer (tab) and from Selected Printer drop-down menu -> Bluetooth.

    Vektori app searches for all available devices. If no printers are found, do make sure that Bluetooth is on and that the pairing is done. If necessary, also update the firmware for the printer by going to step 7.

  • Tap on the STAR mPOP or for example mC-Print2/3.

  • Remember to press Save -button at the end.

mPOP 2”=(58mm) / mC-Print2 = 2” (58mm) / mC-Print3 = 3” (80mm).

You can test the connection between the Vektori application and mPOP, for example, by opening the cash drawer/till: Actions -> Open Cash Drawer.

Finally, make a test sale in the Vektori application and you will make sure that the receipt is also printed.

7. Updating the firmware

Normally, there is no need to update the firmware.

If the Bluetooth connection of the (mPOP/mC-Print2/mC-Print3) printer does not establish a connection to the phone/tablet, it is interrupted occasionally, or there are other types of problems with the cash drawer/printer, we recommend that you update the firmware to the latest version.

This may also be necessary to ensure compatibility when the operating system (Android, iOS) is upgraded to a new version.

Updating the firmware is easy and can be done with a connected device or your own phone (Android, iOS) via Bluetooth. At the time of writing, the Star Quick Setup Utility was having trouble connecting the printers to the Android 12 operating system on the phone.

7.1. Download the Star Quick Setup Utility (published by Star Micronics) from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

7.2.Check that Bluetooth connection to the receipt printer is established and open the Star Quick Setup Utility.

7.3. Choose Selected Device from the application and it will search for available devices.

7.4. Select the printer found by the application, such as mPOP or mC-Print2-L0545.

7.5. From the bottom bar of the application, select Printer Settings -> Firmware Update (swipe down to Others).

7.6. The application checks for updates and, if available, select Update.

7.7. The update may take a few minutes. Do not perform any other operations on the device and keep the device near the printer until the update is complete.

7.8. When the update is complete, the application will notify you and the device will restart, then click OK.

7.9. The printer's software (firmware) has now been updated and is ready for use.

8. Printing the mPOP receipt parameter list

  • To get started, shutdown the printer:

  • Press lightly on the front of the printer as shown below to release the receipt printing section (1), and then pull out the printer section as far as it will go(gently). (2)

  • Follow these steps to complete a test print:

    • Simultaneously press the (red) button (a), turn on the power (2)

    • and when the printer starts printing the receipt, you can stop pressing its button (a).

  • Do not return the printer part (1) to its normal position until you have received the three test prints.

    • Take the receipts that the printer prints (of which there are three),

    • press the printer section back into the printer, make sure you hear a locking sound

    • and make sure the LED light is on normally (one blue light).

And indeed, that test print will come out as shown in the picture above, if you can, send pictures of them via email with a description of the problem(s) and we will check them.

9. Connect a barcode scanner by USB on mPOP or via Bluetooth to Apple or Android

The Vektori application can use a USB barcode scanner connected to the printer or alternatively also connected to an Apple or Android device via Bluetooth.

Apple and Android devices see the connected Bluetooth barcode scanner as a keyboard.

When a barcode scanner is used, it reads a series of numbers from the product's barcode (eg EAN code) and automatically enters an enter (line break) after it.

The device “thinks” that an external keyboard is connected to it. In practice, this can prevent the device's own virtual keyboard (which appears at the bottom of the screen) from opening when you should enter text.

The Datalogic RIDA has a button that lets you unlock and hide the virtual keyboard when you need it, when you connect it to an Apple device.

Datalogic Rida 6400 Barcode Scanner Compatibility:

  • Apple devices 5 / 5.

Ready to use on Apple devices as soon as Bluetooth is connected(paired).

The button on the barcode scanner allows you to show and hide your tablet's or mobile phone's virtual keyboard, if necessary.

  • Android devices 3 / 5.

Connection type

  • Bluetooth HID.

USB barcode scanner(left) and Datalogic RIDA 6400 Bluetooth barcode scanner on the right (pictured also with optional charging dock).

9.1 Connecting and using the barcode scanner may require an update to the cash drawer's /printer's software (firmware) according to chapter seven(7).

9.2. Connect the USB cable for the barcode scanner to the free USB connector on the back of the printer.

OR In the case of a Bluetooth barcode scanner, when connecting the barcode scanner directly to, for example, a tablet or a phone:

9.2.1. Charge the barcode scanner's battery.

9.2.2. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the barcode scanner for about 5 seconds, until you hear a beep.

9.2.3. Go to the Bluetooth connection settings of the tablet or phone and connect to the barcode scanner, if necessary, see the Datalogic user manual for more information on how to connect.

9.2.4. For example, open a notepad in the device -> open a blank note in the app -> and try to read a barcode -> a series of numbers should appear in the note -> the barcode reader is now ready for use:

  • If your device is an Apple device, go directly to chapter 9.3.

  • If your device is Android, go to your device's settings:

Settings -> System -> Languages and input -> Physical keyboard -> check that Use on-screen keyboard is on.
(setup path and setup may be slightly different for different device manufacturers and Android versions)

9.3. Now open the Vektori app and set barcode mode on:

Actions(phone upper right corner, the gear/cogwheel) -> Barcode (you just need to tap it)

9.4. Check that the Vektori app now has the symbol/icon depicted below at the upper menu:

NOTE! The barcode mode slightly changes the operation of the Vektori application.

When the barcode mode is on, the Vektori application can wait in the sales mode for a series of numbers from the barcode scanner and add the product directly to an open sales transaction.

10. Making sales with a barcode scanner


If the barcode of the same product is read more than once, the application will increase the number of the product in an open sales transaction.

It is always the user's responsibility to ensure that all products read by the barcode scanner and their number are registered in the application correctly, prior to the payment transaction.

For example, reading barcodes may fail in the following situations:

  • The barcode cannot be found in the product register.

  • The barcode on the product is worn, wrinkled, or otherwise difficult to read.

  • Bluetooth connection error between for example phone or table and barcode scanner.

  • Barcodes are read faster than the device or application has time to register.

  • Operating error.