Nets SmartPOS

Nets SmartPOS deployment

1. Open device and wait for updates

It is a good idea to set aside enough time for the implementation of the payment terminal and Vektori Kassa application. Connect the charging cable to the Nets SmartPOS payment terminal. Start the payment terminal and wait for the Nets start screen shown in it to appear.

NOTE! Do not press the green button (with a white triangle) at this point, as instructed by the payment terminal.

Leave the payment terminal in this state and wait about 10 minutes for the payment terminal to download the latest applications.

The payment terminal may also restart during upgrades. When the payment terminal reports Update Completed Successfully, this is confirmed by pressing the green confirmation button. NOTE! Do not press the green button with the white triangle at any point.

After the updates, the payment terminal returns to the start screen

2. Vektori Cashier application startup and deployment

Press the square button below the green key. Or if this button does not exist, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, press and hold, and release. Then swipe up from the app.

From the application menu, select Vektori Kassa application.

Select Sign In.

In the Workspace url of your company, enter your Vektori workspace

name, which is usually in the form:

You can’t come up with a workspace name for yourself, but this can be found for you from the incoming e-mail. There are no umlauts or special characters(letters with diacritics) in the name.

Finally click continue.

Connect the Vektori app to the Vektori cloud service logging into your Workspace with your own Vektori cloud service with usernames.

Vektori now asks if a new checkout terminal is being created or selected one of the existing cash registers. If you are reinstalling the cash register, select one that exists of those available.

If you are introducing a new checkout terminal, select Create new.

Confirm the creation of a new with the Confirm button

Enter a unique name for this terminal and confirm it with Create button.

The name identifies this checkout Vektori cloud service reports.

If you have inventory management, select the desired warehouse from the drop-down menu and confirm with Confirm button.

If inventory management is not enabled, leave No Warehouse.

Finally, the login Vektori app with the Clerk PIN-code. PINs are managed in the Vektori Cloud Service. The default Clerk code is: 4262.

Before the first cash transaction, the payment terminal software requires usage of End Day function.

Select from the right of the application found in the top corner wheel icon. Click End Day and OK.

When the payment terminal application announce "End of Day Complete" press the green button.

3. Connect to Wi-Fi

Terminal is connected to mobile network automatic. You can also use Wi-Fi connection. You can enable it form the settings.

From the application menu, select SystemPanel.

You can enter application menu by sipe up on the start screen.

Insert the passwords.

Choose Settings.

Select Network & Internet and connect the Wi-Fi network available.