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Q: What are Vektori application hardware requirements?

A: Phone or tablet(using the application downloaded from Google Play Store).

Q: How do I get started?

A: Once you have selected Vektori, you will receive an email with Vektori Kassa quickstart guide (PDF). Also the Deployment part of support is very helpful when it comes to getting to know your Vektori.

A2: When your payment terminal can be connected to Vektor, you can start using Vektori:


​​​​​​​ for example 1.3.1. General settings -chapter guides you to set the settings of the receipt (top and bottom texts) correctly via the cloud service


​​​​​​​ support.vektori.fi/troubleshoot

3.1.2. Change the settings of Nets terminal yourself

Q: Does the Vektori cloud require creating IDs for clerks (cashiers) with email addresses? 

A: No. 

Q: What is the address of the Vektori workspace?

A1: Address of the workspace: mycompany.vektori.fi - Replace mycompany with your company’s cloud name. The name of the cloud can be found in the invitation email you have received(check your spam folder as well).

A2: If you are already logged in to the Vektori  app, check out the troubleshooting guide.

Q: Where to add products and prices (to the cash register)?

A: From the Vektori cloud.

Q: How do I organize products and product groups?

A: The order of products and product groups is set in the Vektori cloud:

Settings -> Cash Register-> General -> Settings related to the products handled in the POS.

By putting the name as products order, you can then “trick” the product groups, for example, by putting numbers at the beginning of the product group name:

Unfortunately, at the moment, the system doesn’t automatically know how to organize the best-selling products at the top, but such a feature may be coming up later this year, as will the assignment of color codes to the buttons.

A2: When updating the application, the order of the products and product groups may change in certain situations. For example, you can change products and product groups in alphabetical order as follows:

NOTE! After this, the Vektori application will still need to be restarted. 

Q: Can you see today's sales today? You can see the day's sales from somewhere at the same time as the sales accumulate?

A: From two places:

a) Vektori app.

Actions -> X report(this shows sales cumulatively from the previous day’s End of day -report to the present). The X report does not make a new Z report aka End of day -report for the day, meaning it can be viewed at any time.

b) Vektori cloud.

POS Sales (left menu) -> In addition, use filters to limit the desired sales time, eg this day -> click the Filter -button.

Q: How to make the End of Day -report (Z Report)?

A: Make a daily Z report in the Vektori app(in addition to the payment terminal).

If you have an integrated Nets payment terminal, making a daily Z report in the Vektori app also makes the daily decision in the Nets payment terminal.

From the point of view of the Vektori app alone, a daily Z report does not have to be literally a daily End of Day -report, it can be made less frequently, or even more than once a day (shift). Therefore, it is not automatic with the Vektori app.

Q: Is it possible to get a daily breakdown of different payment methods for that day? For example, if an e-pass has been used, can I get today's breakdown directly from the Vektori app? How do I see card and cash payments?

A: Straight from Vektori cloud, Reports-> Settlement and/or Transaction Report.

Q: Is there a cash/till float feature?

A: The Vektori  app unfortunately does not have a direct support for cash/till float feature.

You can think about it so that the cash/till float of the store should always be the same at the beginning of the day, even if 500€ and the End of Day report shows cash sales, so the difference should be calculated.

Cash/till float the feature is occasionally desired, but the share of cash cf. card payments are already starting to be so low at a general level that at least the feature isn’t coming right away.

Q: The app does not allow the amount to be transferred to the payment terminal, it reads that "payment transaction queue", how to proceed?

A: If the problem is not fixed by simply restarting the program:

-> the app can be uninstalled, reinstalled and reconnected to the cloud.

NOTE! Pressing the Cancel button does indeed cancel the payment.

Q: Do I get an attachment added to invoices in Vektori (cloud)?

A: Yes, if they are in PDF format - the first time you send an invoice, it will collect all the PDF files in the specified folder

- but whether they then move on is a matter for the bank or, for example, for a company in between.

Q: Why do the product groups and products themselves change their position in the app?

A: When updating the application, the order of the products and product groups may change in certain situations. For example, you can change products and product groups in alphabetical order as follows:

NOTE! After this, the Vektori application will still need to be restarted.

Q: Can the Vektori clerk make a withdrawal, i.e. when I am withdrawing money from the cashier (against a receipt)?

A: There is no support for direct cash withdrawals in Vektori app, but this can be done, for example, as follows:

A2: If the intention is for the customer to pay first with the card and the customer is given money against it at the checkout:

NOTE! We recommend discussing the accounting account with the accountant 

and it is also worth checking the card agreement so that it is not breached during cash withdrawals.

Vektori cloud:

Vektori app:

Q: How can I re-install Vektori POS application?

A: Instructions can be found at Troubleshooting guide, click here!

Payment Terminals

Q: Why my Nets Move 3500 payment terminal does not connect to Vektori? 

A: Vektori does not find the terminal from the cloud. Check the the terminal connection.

Q: The internet connection does not work - for example: Vektori cash now no longer connects with nets payment terminals

A: Vektori POS app requires a working internet connection. In other words, the internet connection must be fine to be able to use the app.

For more information on the investigation of various problem states, see: Troubleshooting Guide.

A2: As it is recommended to check possible disruption notices from the internet connection service provider, Nets and Poplapay have their own websites:

Q: Why is there now a printout associated with a declined payment transaction (on android, sunmi, apple devices)?

A: This is to clarify that a payment transaction was rejected.
Declined receipt prints out automatically; It can be turned off from Vektori app:  Settings General > Do not give a failed sales receipt (Card payments).

Q: What causes the error message "check/checking the payment transaction queue"?

A: That "checking the payment transaction queue" message comes when the previous payment has ended
and Vektori POS app has no information about its status. The app checks the payment status before starting the next payment.
If the app<-> payment terminal connection is lost during that time, the app tries to check the queue again until the connection is restored.

  If the problem is not fixed by waiting (a minute or two)*:

  It is also of course good to check that the internet connection works, on the device the app is and also on the payment terminal.
   The Troubleshooting guide tells more about these.

*When you close that payment window, the Vektori POS application stops checking its payment transaction queue

- that is, you have to wait a couple of minutes, because after some time you should receive a message that the queue has been checked.

Q: Nets and Vektori reports do not match

A: The Vektori's report is according to the date of sale.

-> The Nets report is according to the settlement date.

-> Nets settles card sales to merchants with a delay of a few days.

Q: The Nets error code "xx" is displayed on the payment terminal?

A: Information about different error codes:  https://support.nets.eu/article/terminal-declines-transactions-error-codes-and-display-errors 

Q: I have SumUp terminal, how do I get it working?

A: SumUp form will appear into the cloud Settings > Cash Register > General -section, where it is possible to enter SumUp credentials,
  as soon as we at Vektori have added the required SumUp information
          - normally during the same day that the cloud is created and/or after when we have received the request to make the SumUp integration

Q: The SumUp terminal is not working, what to do?

A: Log in to the cloud, go to Settings > Cash Register > General -section, where it is possible to enter SumUp credentials, and log out and log in

Q: What are the support channels for payment terminal suppliers

A: Use the following pages for more information regarding some of the service providers for payment terminals:

Nets service status(in Finnish): https://www.nets.eu/fi-fi/Pages/Palvelujemme-tila.aspx.

Your username for Poplapay online tools is the email address you provided in the payment terminal agreement. You will receive the password via SMS by clicking "Forgot or not setting a password?".

Poplatek service status: https://status.poplatek.com/.

Viva Wallet service status: https://status.vivawallet.com/.

Printers and other devices

Q: The Star mPOP cash drawer/receipt printer should be connected to Vektori Kassa application, how do I do it?

A: See Support - Vektori Printer, Cash Drawer & Barcode Scanner Guide.

Q: Vektori app shows "Problem with printer connection" and also "A problem was encountered.."

A: Go to Actions -> Settings-> Printer -tab and at the Selected Printer choose “None” -> Save

then go back to the Printer -tab and now select Selected Printer as, for example, "Bluetooth". For more information, see Troubleshoot (link).

Q: The Star mPOP cash drawer/receipt printer does not print the umlauts

A: The Star Quick Setup Utility program must be installed if possible (Android and Apple):

-> Choose the paired device.

-> Printer Settings.

-> Memory Switch Settings.

-> International Character = Sweden, Code Page = 1253 (Windows Latin-1).

In some cases, the umlauts can be made to work with Factory Default settings.

Q: Is there anything special I need to do with the Star CB2002 cash drawer to make it work?

A: No. The cash drawer in question is connected to the receipt printer(via RJ11 connector). When the receipt is printed, it opens. 

In other cases, the cash drawer can also be opened with a key.