Viva Wallet 

Viva terminal deployment

Deployment is a three-step process

1. Linking a Vektori Cloud and Viva Wallet account.

2. Vektori Cash register application download to Viva payment terminal.

3. Deployment of Viva Wallet payment terminal and Vektori Cashier application.

1. Linking a Vektori Cloud and Viva Wallet account

The API IDs obtained from the Viva Wallet account must be entered into the Vektori Cloud. This can be done by you or by the party that sold the cash register.

Viva API IDs can be found in your Viva account under Settings - API IDs:

Copy the data from that (copy / paste) and either do it yourself directly from the cloud at Settings -> under Cash Register section > Payment Terminal Integrations - from there fill in the Viva Wallet and Viva Cloud sections -  or send the information to Vektori support.

The YouTube video clip illustrates how the API keys can be obtained and sent.

2. Vektori Cash register application download to Viva payment terminal

Once you have received the Viva PAX/One payment terminal, open the terminal and connect it to the 4G and Wi-Fi network. When the terminal is opened and connected to the network, it will automatically download the Vektori Kassa Program after a while.

If the download does not start, contact the supplier. Take the terminal serial number (SN) from the bottom or packaging of the payment terminal. Send it to the supplier and request the download of Vektori Kassa to the terminal.

If you have a Viva One terminal just download both applications from Google Play Store.

Picture of a terminal with Vektori Cashier and Viva POS payment application ready.

The video contains instructions on how to easily install the Vektori application on a Viva Next device.

Vektori application, Actions(cog wheel-icon on mobile) -> Settings-> Payment terminal-tab:

VivaWallet integration can be chosen when Vektori app is used in the same device as Viva app(VW POS), this includes for instance the Viva Next. 

VivaCloud integration can be chosen when Vektori app is used in for example tablet/mobile and is connected to a Viva device. (VivaCloud can be used also if Vektori app is installed to same device as VW POS)

NOTE! If VivaCloud integration is used, the payment terminal needs to be connected to the store(three steps below) - This is because when VivaCloud integration is chosen within the Vektori app, you need to select store information after that (the app lists the terminals attached to the store in question).

2. Edit payment terminal - The store is shown in "Source" field after being set:

3. After you click the edit, the stores you have saved are shown in a drop-down box:

3. Deployment of Viva Wallet payment terminal and Vektori Cashier application

3.1 Set up a physical store/payment source

To create a payment source: 

Log in to your Viva Wallet account to display your dashboard.

Click on Sales > Physical Payments > Stores > Add Store.

Fill in your business information and the preferred linked Viva Wallet account in the pop up window.

Select your address and Click on the Create button .

In details: 

The store is now created to your account! 

By creating different stores through your business Viva Wallet account, you can organize and manage your Sales transactions in the best way. 

3.2 Connect the Android terminal to your account

Press the power button from the left or the right-hand side of the terminal to activate it.  

Select the VW POS icon on the terminal's screen an d follow the instructions.

Select the preferred language and the network connection.

Tap on the User Activation Code icon.

Insert the Activation Code to the Viva Wallet account as described below.

Go to the Viva Wallet account.

Select Sales, Physical Payments, Card Terminals and New Card Terminal.

Add the Activation Code from the terminal and select Next.

When the connection is completed, you should select Continue on the Android terminal. 

The terminal is activated in the Viva Wallet business account. 

3.3 Deployment of Vektori Cashier application

Before deployment of the Vektori Cashier application you must register to the Vektori Cloud. If you have done this you can continue. I you havent done it please ask registration mail form Vektori supplier and complete the Vektori Cloud registration and deployment.

Open the Vektori application from the device.

Enter the cloud address of the Vektori Cloud and log in with Cloud IDs.

Choose an existing terminal or create a new one.

Give the terminal a name, select the stock to use (if used), log in with the clerk pin-code (default clerk pin-code is 4262).

Follow these steps to activate the Viva Wallet features:

Select functions - Settings - Payment terminal and select Viva Wallet from the list and save. Note: This will only work if API keys are in place.

Select functions - Settings - Printer and select PAX / Viva Wallet One from the list and save.

Now you should be able to start selling with the terminal.