Vektori Nets Payment terminals Guide

User manual for connecting Vektori Kassa and Nets payment terminals

Nets Desk 3500 (left) and Nets Move 3500 (right).

Nets Lane 3000 (left) and Nets iSMP4 (right).

1. Compatibility of Nets payment terminals

The payment terminal can be a so-called separate terminal or connected to a Vektori Kassa application(aka Vektori app), i.e. integrated.

1.1. Separate terminal

1.2. Integrated

1.2.1. How to enable Nets Connect@Cloud integration

Nets Connected@Cloud (C@C) credentials can now be set straight into Vektori cloud - request the credentials directly from Nets or the place you bought the payment terminal.
After logging into Vektori cloud( go to:
Settings -> under Cash Register section > Payment Terminal Integrations
When the credentials are in place and the Save -button is pressed, the system does inform you whether they are inputted correctly or not and if yes, you may proceed. Further instructions below in chapter 3.

1.2.2. Compatible integrated Nets payment terminal models

2. Connection type

Nets Connect@Cloud.

- swipe merchant card - 8 - 1 menu

-  the version should be 1.01.0, otherwise it needs to be updated

 - swipe merchant card and type in order - 6 - 1 - 2

- Comm.type / Komm. typ has to be GPRS

- merchant card - 6 - 1 - 3

- Comm.type / Komm. typ  has to be GPRS

If any issues. see chapter 3.1.2. Change the settings of Nets terminal yourself  in our Troubleshoot guide.

3. Connecting the Vektori app and Nets payment terminal

Open the Vektori Kassa app on your device and connect the payment terminal as follows:

If nothing appears in the drop-down menu, the payment terminal is not ready for integration yet. 
Ask your retailer or Nets for Nets Connect@Cloud integration to the payment terminal, as well as the related credentials (instructions on this, see chapter 1.2.1. above)

NOTE! If you use several devices that have Vektori app, you must have one payment terminal for each app. Two apps/devices can't use the same payment terminal.

4. Use of Vektori Kassa app and Nets payment terminal

The amount to be charged from the customer is now automatically transferred to the payment terminal and the payment terminal is waiting for the customer.

The payment transaction was successful: The application prints a receipt and is ready to accept the next sales transaction.

Payment transaction failed: The application returns an error message. You can now:

5. Additional settings for Nets Move 3500

Deactivate Merchant's receipt

Set the merchant's receipt from the Nets payment terminal (ALWAYS COPY) off.

Read the Nets merchant card in the payment terminal and key in the code 6 - 1 - 1 to get to the first item in the Settings menu (Terminal ID).

In the settings menu, you can move with the up/down arrow keys, look for the item Copy always in the menu.

Set the Always copy setting to off using the green key and the arrow key and exit the settings by pressing the red button a couple of times, after which the payment terminal will restart.

Vektori app cannot connect to the payment terminal

Check that the payment terminal is connected to an active Wi-Fi network (not 3G/4G).

NETS Move3500 payment terminal wifi setting:

You can also look at the separate Nets guide, section Move/3500's Wi-Fi settings. If you want to know more comprehensively about the settings of the payment terminals, Nets also has a User Guide online (pdf).

Mobile data is not used when the payment terminal's connection settings (merchant card - 6 - 1 - 2) have been defined as connection method (Comm. typ) = Wifi.

6. Nets customer support

In the case of problems related to the Nets payment terminal, you will be assisted by a retailer or Nets customer support, tel. 010 80 40 40.