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Welcome to the Vektori Troubleshooting Guide

Here you can find solution the most bumps and hiccups on the road. 

1. Cashier terminal / device problem

Press the Vektori mode state icon to see the cause of the problem. The green shows everything is fine. Red indicates a problem. See the following options.

Press the icon, that the arrow is pointing to see Status screen.

Green color (checkmark) indicates that the connection to the cloud service is OK. Also displays the address of the Vektori Cloud service. The red color indicates that Vektori POS app does not have a connection to its own cloud service. Usually this is because the cash register's network connection is not OK. Another rarer option is that the cloud service is down. Check out the cloud service here:

1.1. Connection issues

There are several methods to check the network connection of a terminal. The application notifies you of that on the Status -screen.

If the card payments work, a temporary connection failure is OK. The sales are recorded into Vektori POS application.

NOTE! If the problem persists for several hours, proceed with troubleshooting.

1.1.1. Wi-Fi issues

In this case, you may want to check if Wi-Fi is turned on. For example, if Wi-Fi comes from a separate device, such as a router / modem, the functionality of this device should be checked. When Wi-Fi is on, the icon looks like that, but when it's off, this icon is not there.

It is also advisable to find out if there are any problems with your network service provider's connection and, if possible, switch to a working one. 

1.1.2. Mobile connection issues

If you have mobile connection check that the sim-card is properly in place and its working. Also check if the operator's connection is available.

1.1.3. Suggestions for solving the problem

1.2. When to contact support?

Vektori support cannot help with connection problems from outside the cash register. Contact the contact provider. If the cash register terminal has a working network connection, and restarting or reinstalling the cash register system is not helping, contact your Vektori dealer or support using the support request form.

2. Printer problem

This message appears, for example, when the printer is turned off or the bluetooth connection is turned off. Check that they are turned on and restart the application.

2.1. Bluetooth printer problem

Bluetooth is on (this is important to be on if you are using a printer with this connection), the mark is missing if bluetooth is off. Check the bluetooth connection and that the device is paired correctly.

NOTE! Do not use other bluetooth devices with the cash register device. Also note that other bluetooth devices nearby might cause connection problems.

2.2. Problem with printer connection

When Vektori app shows "Problem with printer connection" and also "A problem was encountered.." there is something wrong with the printer connection, and in normal situations this can be corrected by re-establishing said connection.

Go to Actions -> Settings-> Printer -tab and at the Selected Printer choose “None” -> Save, then go back to the Printer -tab and now select Selected Printer as, for example, "Bluetooth".  Press the + button at the end, select the preferred settings and Save.

3. Payment Terminal problem

If the payment terminal isn´t working:

3.1. Nets Payment terminal issues

Nets Payment terminal error message when a problem is encountered - for example, the payment terminal may be experiencing connection problems or the power may be off.

3.1.1. Network connection

Nets payment terminals operate via either a local area network or a Wi-Fi network. Check on the payment terminal that the network or Wi-Fi icon is green. If it is red or white the payment terminal is not online. 

Check the functionality of your LAN / Wi-Fi network. If necessary, contact Nets Payment Terminal Support to get the payment terminal connected to the network.

3.1.2. ECR connection

The payment terminal does not connect with the Vektori POS application directly, but via Nets cloud service (connected@cloud). When the payment terminal is connected to the Nets service the ECR icon on the screen is green.

NOTE! If the icon is red or white, there is no connection to the service. This is usually because the device does not have a network connection or the device settings are incorrect. Contact Nets payment terminal support for instructions on connecting the payment terminal to Nets connected@cloud.

3.1.2. Change the settings of Nets terminal yourself

You can also check or change the settings of the Nets payment terminal yourself. You need a merchant card for that. Follow the instructions.

Connection settings: Drag the Merchant card, press 6 - 1 - 2, check the settings below:

Checkout Settings Drag Merchant Card, press 6 - 1 - 3, check the settings below:

3.1.3. Payment interruption or connection lost Nets terminals

If the connection to the payment terminal is lost during the payment

NOTE! If you press cancel button in the app or the payment terminal, the transaction is indeed canceled.

If the issue is not resolved by simply restarting the app and the payment terminal: 

3.1.4. Charging the card fee stand alone

You can make manual trasactions with the payment terminal, even if it is integrated into the Vektori. Please note, however, that Vektori Cashier and Vektori Cloud Service are unaware of manually made payment transactions. They only appear in Nets reporting. Also, the receipt cannot be printed unless the payment terminal itself has a receipt printer.

3.1.5. Contact Nets Terminal support

Here you can find country based Nets Terminal support contact details:

3.2. Poplapay / Npay Payment terminal issues

Poplapay's corresponding error message about the payment terminal problem.

In addition, Poplapay recognizes if the payment terminal is used in two Vektori cashier applications. This can happen, for example, by leaving the tab open inside the cloud services that has the Vektori POS and at the same time using the application on a tablet - always one payment terminal for each Vektori POS.

The ID: 0000 would be replaced with a real one. 

Go through the checklist below first.

4. Cashier application crashed or jammed

The unexplained crash of the Vektori POS application is a rare problem. The most common cause is a device memory problem. If the problem persists you will need to reinstall the checkout application. If the app is installed from the app store, it can be safely and securely removed and reinstalled. If the application has been downloaded to the device other than from the application store, the memory of the application must be cleared. Here are more detailed instructions for different platforms.

4.1. Reinstall the cash register application 

The cash register application can be removed and reinstalled from the application store, or the memory of the cash register application can be cleared when you want to start using the cash register again from the beginning. During the reinstallation, the cashier application will be reconnected to the Vektori cloud service and you will need the following information:

NOTE! This is not recommended for situations where connection to the Vektori Cloud Service is not available, as reinstallation requires reconnecting the cash register application to the Vektori cloud service to retrieve products and settings. In the following chapters the removing and reinstalling the app is described in more detail.

4.1.1. Android: Google Play

1. Close the application.

2. Open the Play Store.

3. In the search bar, type “vektori kassa” or "vektori POS".

4. Tap the Vektori icon.

5. Next, click Delete.

6. In the window that opens, confirm the deletion, click Delete.

7. Finally, click Install.

You can also go to the right page in the Google Play Store directly from the icon if you browse these instructions on the same device where you have the Vektori POS application installed.

4.1.2. Apple IOS: App Store

1. Press and hold App.

2. Tap Delete App.

3. Tap Delete app, then tap Delete to confirm.

4. Reinstall Vektori POS from the App Store:

You can also go to the right page in the App Store directly from the icon if you browse these instructions on the same device where you have the Vektori POS application installed. Remember to delete the app according to the instructions above.

4.2. Clearing the application memory

4.2.1. Nets Castles1000, Viva Wallet PAX, Verifone CM5

In these Vektori terminals, the application has been downloaded to the device by the supplier of the terminal and should not be deleted. When re-enabling the Vektori POS app to start fresh, the memory is cleared from the device settings (if access is granted, in some cases you might need to contact your device vendor regarding instructions on how to proceed).

NOTE! To do this, you must have a password to access the settings. If necessary, obtain a password from your device vendor.

1. Swipe from the top or bottom of the screen to display the menu.

2. Select Settings (gear/cogwheel) and enter the user name and / or password.

3. Select Apps & notifications.

4. Select Vektori Kassa/POS.

5. Select the memory.

6. Click Clear Cache.

Go back and start the program.